Dealer Information

  • How long are your lead times for a dealer order?

    Dealer orders tend to be anywhere from more than 50 holsters. These orders take us about 7 to 10 business days to complete. If the lead time is longer than this, we will ship to our customers the items what we have in stock, and then back order the rest until they become available.

  • What kind of terms and payment types does K Rounds offer their dealer network?

    K Rounds currently offers NET 30 days terms subject to approval of Credit history for existing dealers. For any new dealers, please contact us for condition and payments.

  • What is K Round’s minimum buy in?

    K Rounds offers our dealers a two tier system for pricing on different circumstances. For details, please contact us


K Rounds is always looking to expand our dealer network. For information regarding becoming a dealer please fill out the form below and a sales representative will contact you shortly.